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Copywriting is easy. Yeah, I said it.

Professional copywriters will disagree but I've sold $80Mil worth of Online Products and I still don't call myself a 'Copywriter'. Copywriting is systematic and methodical. If you can learn the system, you can call yourself a 'Copywriter'. Once you learn how to make your own system - you can call yourself a 'Master Copywriter'. This course will help you develop your own system of copywriting. And yes its okay to make spelling mistakes in marketing emails - its not proof-reading, its copywriting. That being said, its best to avoid typos :)

You're about to save 49 hours every month

You'll never start another email from scratch.

This isn't a podcast kind of course. For the next 49 minutes, it'll make you write an email - in a structure so flexible and useful that you can use it for many different kinds of email funnels. You can even use it with your clients, your boss, your partners and your customers. Once you spend these 49 minutes, you'll be saving 49 hours every month because you'll never start an email from scratch. If that doesn't happen, you can refund the $9 and get a nice Chai Latte, all on us :-)

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Finally, a Practical Course on Email Copywriting

My email copywriting method has helped sell more than $80 Million worth of online products.

If that sounds a little too unreal, I understand. I was CMO at Mindvalley, then VP Marketing at Crowdstaffing and now I run my own Marketing Agency. I've been in the game for 15 years. Its not hard to sell $80 Mil worth of products - over 15 years - especially if you know your way around writing great marketing emails.

This course is not 'Every Other Digital Marketing' Course. It does not have 367 Lectures and 87 Hours of Curriculum. Nothing against those kind of courses, respect to the experts who do them, I just can't stomach so much marketing content no matter how much time I have on my hands :-)

This is is short, sweet, to the point and gives you a system you can apply, today if you want to start writing high converting marketing emails. 

Its specifically designed so we can write email copy, together, once and then you can write email copy happily ever after. You'll see!

If you're running a small business, website, have a course, are an instructor, freelancer, marketer, copywriter or just anybody who needs to write marketing emails to make a living, then this course will help you.

Who is this course for?

Anybody who has an audience to talk to - Authors, Bloggers, Instructors, Freelancers, Salespeople, Small Business Owners, Budding Copywriters, Newbie Marketers.

If you have a website OR a course OR a list OR a job in copywriting, freelancing or marketing - something that requires you to write Marketing Emails - you're going to get instant value from this course.

What will students learn in this course?

Use this efficient system which has sold $80 Million worth digital marketing products to create ALL their email copy

Increase their email open rate by 60% using the ABCS Technique

Increase their email click through rate using 9 different psychological triggers

Start building a great relationship with their list while being able to send high converting promotional emails

Use this template to write hundreds of different kind of email copy

About Your Coursemaker

Based out of Silicon Valley, Tushar works closely with leaders across B2C, B2B and Hybrid organizations. With more than a decade as an marketing executive, he brings a fresh approach to information and media businesses.

He has played CMO & VP Marketing roles at organizations like Mindvalley and Crowdstaffing and now runs this agency out of his Silicon Valley office.

At Mindvalley, he worked with likes of Harv Eker, Lisa Nichols, Marisa Peer, John Assaraf, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Vishen Lakhiani and Ajit Nawalkha.

At Crowdstaffing, Tushar’s team was responsible to bring in Fortune 500 Clients. The company serves the likes of Google, SpaceX and Uber.

In 2018, Tushar started Growth Marketing Team which now manages Advertising for the biggest players in Online Education.

This course is a summation from that he has learnt over all these years in Advertising for Online Educators.

Letting then numbers speak for themselves:

$100 Million+ in Course Revenue generated from Advertising

6000+ Students on Udemy

Voted one of the Top 25 CMOs by CXO Powerbook

Managed $50 Million+ Ad Spend in the last 5 years

6000+ Students on his Marketing Courses on Udemy

Checkout out his Udemy courses here.

Voted Top 25 CMOs in Asia Pacific by

For his work as CMO at Mindvalley.

Featured on Forbes for his work on Two Sided Marketplaces

Read his work here.


'Write The Perfect Marketing Email With Me'

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One Time Offer Available $9 (̶$̶1̶9̶)̶